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God And His Creation

Video Three

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In this video we explore one of the most basic questions of all, who or what is God?  Traveling throughout the Holy Land we examine the perfect and loving nature of God…how he always was and always will be.  We ask how one God can exist in three persons, the Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit?  And what role does each play in God’s Kingdom?

How is it is possible for God to simply speak and a perfect creation comes into existence from nothing…both things seen and unseen from spiritual beings like angels to the material universe including our earth, the sun, moon and yes…even human beings.

We explore why God created us in the first place, our relationship to him, and what he expect of us.  And if God’s creation was perfect and without sin, what went wrong?  Why does God allow evil to exist and what steps does he take to save us even when we run from him and ignore his command to love him and to love and forgive one another?

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