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Jesus’ Crucifixion, Burial And Resurrection

Video Eight

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In this video you’ll feel as if you were there more than 2-thousand years ago as Jesus made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Climb the stairs to the traditional site of the Upper Room and the Last Supper.  Stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus looked over the Holy City and began to cry, knowing the magnificent temple would one day be reduced to rubble.

Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus submitted to the will of God and where priests and Roman Soldiers led by Judas would arrest him.  Walk to the house of Caiaphas where he was convicted of blasphemy, beaten at the Roman garrison, and handed his Cross.

Then make your way down the Via Dolorosa to Golgotha, the site of his crucifixion.  Look inside the traditional empty tomb and then look toward heaven at the top of ascension mountain where Jesus promised to return and asked us to go into all the world and share his Good News of Salvation.  After watching this video, take time to think about all you have learned and how it has impacted your life.

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