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Jesus’ Words And Actions – Part I

Video Six

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In this video we begin at the Jordan River where John was performing the Jewish tradition of repentance.There was anticipation in the air as Jews anxiously awaited their Messiah who would defeat their Roman occupiers. One day John identified Jesus as the King of the Jews and Baptized him as the heaven’s opened and God acknowledged him as his Son.

We’ll follow Jesus into the wilderness where he resisted Satan’s temptations by the Written Words of God.  Then travel to Cana where he performed his first miracle and began his 3-year ministry.  See why Jesus designated Capernaum as his headquarters as he assembled his 12 disciples and preached in the local synagogue.

Sail out on the sea of Galilee where he walked on water and calmed a storm.  Visit Jerusalem where a parasitic picked up his mat and walked.  Enter Lazarus tomb in Bethany where Jesus called him back to life.  Throughout this video we examine these wondrous events and consider Jesus parables and their importance to us today.

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