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The Bible: God’s Written Word

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In this video you travel to Qumran, the site of the most significant archeological discovery, the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It is here among the ruins and caves of this ancient community that we ask and answer basic questions about the Bible.  Where did it come from, who wrote it and is it relevant to our personal lives today?

In this video you will learn that the authors of the Bible were inspired and aided by the Holy Spirit so they had “enhanced memory” to recall what Jesus said.  They also made “judicious selection” of the many events of Jesus’ life and focused on different aspects of his ministry, signs and miracles so we might gain a better understanding of the importance of accepting Jesus as our Savior.

We’ll explore the importance of understanding the people and the culture of the Bible, how to deal with difficult passages, and arrive at the conclusion that this is indeed the Written Word of God.  This video will help make the Bible a true priority in our lives and teach us how to read it and how to live it.

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