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The Fall of The Human Race

Video Four

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In this video we visit a garden at the Pools of Bethesda not unlike the beauty one might imagine in the garden of Eden.  We learn that God’s creation and relationship with people was perfect. But something called sin entered the world.  The video shows that sin ranges from murder and violence to things as simple as bitterness and gossip.

But what is sin and where did it come from?  What are the consequences of sin?  If God is so loving and so good, why does he allow so much evil to exist in the world?

The Bible makes it clear that God has an enemy called Satan who, along with demons, is determined to destroy humankind’s relationship with God and with one another.  But who is Satan and do we really believe he exists?  What can we do to resist sin and temptation in our lives? What evils do we see in today’s world and what can or should we do to make things better?

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